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Build vs. Buy


Finding the perfect home in the perfect location can be a challenge. Do we “build or buy” a new home? Do we stay in the same area or move to a new location?

They’re common though not easy questions to resolve.

Whether you’re in the early stages of planning or you’ve already spent long hours of searching, BROM can help you work through many considerations involved.

We can help you explore the pros and cons of building or buying a new home. If you decide a custom home is the best way to move forward, BROM has years of experience not just in building beautiful custom homes, but also in working through challenges in finding the perfect location for it.

BROM has a licensed real estate broker on staff. And, for instance, we can help identify lots – with or without an existing structure on it – that may be well suited to accommodate your new custom home.

This may an option for those looking in a number of desirable southeastern and south central Connecticut areas, where there are few available lots. Shoreline lots particularly are difficult to find.

It may be that you’re already living in your perfect location. Perhaps an option may be to tear down your existing house and “rebuild” it.

Whatever your situation or stage of wanting to move forward, BROM can help you work through potential options.

A free consultation may be just what might help you move forward.

Next steps:

1. Write down the description of what you’ve been looking at on the housing market that was close to your ideal home but what was missing for you.

2. Make a list of your wants, needs, style, approximate size and number of rooms, ideal features, and desired location.

3. Learn more about our Free Consultations and, when you’re ready, we’ll meet with you to discuss if custom home building is a match for you.

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