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Relocating to Connecticut

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Custom Home for a family
relocated from Pennsylvania

Are your plans to move to Connecticut being complicated by your inability to move here because of employment or other obligations? Are you unable to find the right house or location to suit your needs?

BROM has helped many clients from out of town, out of state, and even out of the country ease the process of building their home by managing it for them. Greg Hanner, REALTORĀ®, is our in-house agent with full access to all MLS listings in SE CT. He can assist BROM clients in finding a lot to build a home.*

Throughout the years, we have become a trusted liaison for the client, their bank and the construction crew in the clients' absence. We have built many custom homes while clients were living in other locations such as Western Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Florida, Michigan, Virginia and even as far away as Australia! Our efficient construction system enables us to help you expedite many important details, such as owner selection items and any plan changes, thereby minimizing the amount of time you need to devote to your project.

Let us alleviate your concerns about the process. Learn more about our family-owned company in the About Us area of our website ... and then call us TODAY at 860.889.7106 to discuss your home building plans.

We can make your transition to Connecticut an easier and more enjoyable experience!

*You can search the MLS listings via this link (made available through the Garden Realty website), or contact us for more information.

Custom Home for a family relocated from Michigan
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From Australia
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From Massachusetts From Michigan  
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