Rebuild … Rather than Remodel

A “rebuild” home is an entirely new custom home built from the ground up … in place of your existing home.

BROM ReBuilds are very popular particularly in coastal and lake communities where finding vacant building lots can be challenging, and also in situations involving homes suffering from fire damage.

Rebuilding your home could be an ideal solution, though, in a number of situations. Watch our video to learn more (or continue scrolling for more information).

Change Your Home, Not Your Location

Staying in the same location can have many advantages, and it also can provide you with a remarkable sense of pride and renewal!

It may be a good option for those who own property they feel is unique, or that would be difficult or impossible to replace.

You may have shoreline property, but selling the property to purchase another simply doesn’t make sense when your family loves the location.

Some families love their current neighborhood, but have outgrown their existing home — or have become empty nesters — and it no longer suits their lifestyle.

Rebuilding may enable finally taking advantage of a beautiful or unique view on or from your property.

Rebuild Your Home

Another situation may involve deciding whether rebuilding may be more cost effective than remodeling. For instance, if a home has suffered extensive damage from an extreme weather event or a fire, it may make sense to rebuild rather than remodeling a structure with outdated plumbing and electrical systems.

We have extensive experience in rebuilding homes, including properties in tightly regulated beach communities and in historic districts with design and style restrictions.

Whatever the situation, we can help evaluate whether rebuilding is an option for you.

Contact us anytime to discuss whether this might be a good option for you. Send us a Consultation Request and we’ll help you get started.

Before photo

Prior Structure

After photo

New Structure