Model Homes

A Sampling of Homes We Have Built

(Locations of Homes We've Built)

BROM offers thousands of options in home design and home/lot packages. Click on any of the images below for peeks inside some of the homes we've built. View details on workmanship or get ideas on design options and floor plans!

BROM can build your dream home on your lot or ours ... using your plan or ours ... and we also can rebuild at your existing location! Learn more of what former clients have to say about their building experience with BROM.

Select any of the models below for exterior photos and
floorplans with thumbnail_S.jpg - 8193 Bytes clickable camera images
showing "True Views" of many rooms in each home.

OakKnoll_tmb.jpg - 4078 Bytes
The "Oak Knoll"

Brannigan_tmb.jpg - 5040 Bytes
The "Brannigan"
East Lyme
Ambrose_tmb.jpg - 5579 Bytes
The "Ambrose"
East Lyme
Milton_tmb.jpg - 5351 Bytes
The "Milton"

Custom_tmb.jpg - 5444 Bytes
The "Custom" (Rebuild)
Sutterfield_tmb.jpg - 4398 Bytes
The "Sutterfield" (Rebuild)
Mallory_tmb.jpg - 5012 Bytes
The "Mallory"
Bostwick_tmb.jpg - 5630 Bytes
The "Bostwick"
Hudson_tmb.jpg - 4540 Bytes
The "Hudson"
East Lyme
Aspen_tmb.jpg - 4711 Bytes
The "Aspen"
Deep River
Gentry_tmb.jpg - 4199 Bytes
The "Gentry"
Haverford_tmb.jpg - 3850 Bytes
The "Haverford"
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