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Choosing the "Right" Builder


We recommend you consider the questions below before entrusting one of your life's largest purchases to an under-qualified or misrepresented builder. Learn more about BROM here at our website. We're confident we can build a custom home for your family to the highest level of your satisfaction.

Is your builder licensed and insured?

checkmark.gif - 1015 Bytes   BROM is an insured, licensed General Contracting firm. Our NHCC number is CT #00098.

Is your builder experienced and stable in the industry?

checkmark.gif - 1015 Bytes   BROM has been in business since 1978, has won a number of awards, and is a member in excellent standing with the Better Business Bureau.

checkmark.gif - 1015 Bytes   BROM has built hundreds of custom homes and completed numerous subdivisions and developments in the region.

checkmark.gif - 1015 Bytes   BROM can furnish hundreds of positive references and client letters to confirm our work ethic, professionalism, and satisfaction about their building experiences with us.

checkmark.gif - 1015 Bytes   Many "custom" builders operate their businesses from temporary quarters, which may not only strain and hinder communications between you and the builder, but often hinders organization. Those temporary quarters may not be there tomorrow. BROM maintains a regular place of business to give you the attention and service you need in order to make your building experience as pleasurable and smooth as possible.

Is your builder progressive?

checkmark.gif - 1015 Bytes   We stay informed and educated in the construction industry. We use state-of-the-art technology, materials, products and building techniques to assure you the best possible home building process.

checkmark.gif - 1015 Bytes   We have a user-friendly, progressive website presence -- including a mobile site.

Does your builder provide details up front?

checkmark.gif - 1015 Bytes   BROM gives you guaranteed, detailed pricing up front -- no extra costs unless you authorize them.

checkmark.gif - 1015 Bytes   BROM provides clients with architectural and design services at no additional cost. You can make changes to size, layouts, materials, etc., so that together we can design a custom plan to suit your lot, needs, and budget.

Does your builder assure quality?

checkmark.gif - 1015 Bytes   BROM offers numerous opportunities to visit Open Houses -- actual homes and not just a "model" home -- to see our consistent quality workmanship!

Is your builder committed to excellent service?

checkmark.gif - 1015 Bytes   Clients have the confidence that BROM will live up to its reputation and deliver an exceptional home, according to plan, and on time. BROM is a local, southeastern CT builder who will be there for you when you need to talk or meet with us. BROM has also built custom homes for clients before they have relocated to the area! Hundreds of references can attest to our quality and service.

Will your builder service you after you have moved in?

checkmark.gif - 1015 Bytes   After 37 years and counting, you can be assured that we will be here long after your home is built.

checkmark.gif - 1015 Bytes   We mount a BROM Builders plaque in each home, along with the year it was built, to remind you that we're proud of our work and that we back up our work.

checkmark.gif - 1015 Bytes   Perhaps the best compliment of all is that many clients have returned to us to have a second BROM home built.

We come through and do everything we say and commit to. We deliver!

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