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What Can I Afford

Frequently, it is not simply a question of affordability, but rather of how much money is willingly earmarked for housing. Both aspects are important. On the one hand, you should not commit to obligations for a project that will bring undue financial stress into your life. But on the other hand, you should consider how much time and enjoyment you do expect to get from living in a newly constructed home.

You should feel comfortable about both the amount of money that you will be spending and that the money is well spent. That's where quality custom building comes in: You decide which aspects of your home are most important. We encourage clients to assess and prioritize their wants and needs for their own personal style of living. For example, a fireplace is a must for some people but not at all important to others. Some people insist that a whirlpool is highly desirable and for others, a large living room to accommodate a grand piano is a must-have item.

Consider the current cost of a building lot in a location that you feel comfortable with; we can help you to evaluate site costs and design an option package that suits your tastes.

We have designed a quick Creating A Budget worksheet that you can print out and review at your leisure. After considering your cash equity/down payment, use our handy mortgage calculator on the What Is My Payment page to see what your payment would be. And, as always, feel free to call us if you need direction.