Creating a Home Building Budget

Establishing a realistic budget for your new custom-built home is an important early step. We help you figure out a budget that suits your needs.

Just as each family’s dream home plans vary, so do the considerations in how a budget is planned out and the financing structured.

Early Considerations

The home (structure) itself is the single largest portion of the budget

The land is typically about 20 to 25 percent of your overall budget. You may have equity in a lot or even own one outright. (Our clients have access to our realtor on staff, if needed.)

The sitework costs can vary depending on conditions of the property, such as clearing or blasting that may be needed, access to water/sewer, and so forth.

You may have equity in an existing home to be considered.

There could be supplemental or liquid cash sources of funds to optimize to your advantage.

Match Your Budget to Your Wish List

One common concern involves how to transition from your current home into your new home. We can assist you in selecting an area bank or lender that best meets your needs.

Sometimes a family’s wish list can exceed the budget. We can help you in evaluating which items are most important and which items can be planned for, but might be deferred if your family is not quite ready to proceed with them.

We work with you to help you establish and shape your budget so that you’re comfortable when you’re ready to move forward.

You can request a free consultation any time. We’re here to help you get started!

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One of my biggest concerns was the cost. I had always heard “plan at least 20 percent more.” It wasn’t that way. Everything you said you would do was done; and, at the cost you stated! There were no hiddens.

Mary D July 9, 2015