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What does "BROM" mean?
BROM stands for BROthers Mastronunzio. BROM was founded by the three brothers, Joe, Mike and Rico Mastronunzio. [ Return to Questions ]

How long has BROM Builders been building homes?
BROM has been building homes in Southeastern CT since 1978. [ Return to Questions ]

Where does BROM build homes?
We design and build homes in all of Southeastern CT throughout all shore and inland towns from Stonington to Madison, all of New London County, and parts of Middlesex, Windham and Tolland Counties. [ Return to Questions ]

What types of homes does BROM build?
BROM builds custom homes that vary in style and size depending on each client's particular needs: Capes, Ranches, Traditionals, Federals, Contemporaries, Farmhouses and 1, 1-1/2, 2 & 3-Story homes ... Any style you wish, really. [ Return to Questions ]

Are these modular or stick-built homes?
BROM takes pride in building custom, stick-built homes with care and concern for each of its clients. [ Return to Questions ]

Can BROM tear down my home and build one on my existing lot? (It's a tight space)
Of course! We have the extensive experience and skills needed to remove and reconstruct homes on incredibly small lots with close proximity to existing structures, and we are especially considerate of your neighbors throughout the entire process. [ Return to Questions ]

How long will it take to build my new home?
The construction process typically takes 6 to 8 months to complete, depending on the home's size and complexity. [ Return to Questions ]

Can you build in the winter?
Yes, we build homes year round and perform the necessary precautions for inclement weather. [ Return to Questions ]

Do I need to purchase a plan & provide BROM with a set of blue prints?
No. BROM will design a full set of plans for your home that meets your local building requirements as a FREE service to our clients. If you already have a set of plans, we can modify them to suit your needs. [ Return to Questions ]

Does BROM provide a construction schedule for clients to monitor the progress of their new home?
Yes. [ Return to Questions ]

What does BROM do in terms of "green building"?
We include a number of EnergyStar features for each BROM home at no additional cost, and BROM follows many "green building" practices. BROM also is a member of the Connecticut Green Building Council. Learn more about green building by BROM. [ Return to Questions ]


Which price ranges are available?
BROM serves a wide variety of price ranges & budgets, depending on the specifications and design of the new home that each client desires. [ Return to Questions ]

How much do you charge per square foot?
The cost to build each custom home is based solely on its design and specifications. The cost per square foot is arrived at AFTER dividing the total cost of the home by the total (finished) square footage. [ Return to Questions ]

What is the "Price" and what's included?
A free consultation can help identify the style home, along with desired features, that will enable us to accurately quote the total cost. [ Return to Questions ]


How much flexibility in specifications does BROM offer?
We allow unlimited flexibility for each client to modify the specifications of their new home. [ Return to Questions ]

Can you build from a plan that I have, or do I have to select one of yours?
BROM can build from any plan you wish. [ Return to Questions ]

Can we modify the plan design and layout?
Yes, and BROM will make the modifications as a FREE service for our clients. [ Return to Questions ]

Can I do some of the work?
Yes, BROM understands you may want to do some of the work and we will help you plan the items you wish to perform. [ Return to Questions ]

I have a realtor so can I still build with BROM?
YES! BROM works with agents regularly and you and your agent can work with our "in-house" REALTOR®, Greg Hanner, to create a home package of your liking in the location of your choice (your lot or ours). [ Return to Questions ]


Can you help me secure financial assistance to build?
Yes, we can recommend financial institutions that are well versed in construction financing to suit your needs and save you money. Begin determining what you can afford using these online tools here at our website [ Return to Questions ]

How can I build my new home while I have a house to sell?
Many clients obtain a construction mortgage to build their new home while their current home is still on the market. Upon completion of the new home, the construction mortgage is typically converted into the permanent mortgage - without another mortgage closing. [ Return to Questions ]

Should I sell my house before I build?
That depends on each client's individual needs. Many will try to time the selling date of their existing home to coincide with the move in date of their new home. To assist each client with these decisions, BROM provides a custom, computer-generated schedule for the construction of their new home. This enables our clients the opportunity to monitor the progress of their new home ... each step of the way! [ Return to Questions ]


Why does BROM have open houses with homes not for sale?
Even though most homes we build are custom-built homes for a particular client, we proudly display our workmanship and are pleased to provide you with an opportunity to get ideas on designs and new products by showing the home just before our client moves in. [ Return to Questions ]

What if the open house you're showing isn't what I'm looking for; is it still worth it for me to go? Why?
Most people who visit BROM's open houses are either looking for a different style/size home with different amenities, or they're just not sure and they need someone to talk to about their plans, needs & ideas. They enjoy coming to BROM open houses because they can view quality, workmanship, selections, other plans, available lot information, and much more ... all without having any pressure whatsoever to buy the home ... because it's already sold! [ Return to Questions ]


Can you help me find a suitable building lot?
Yes. We will help you evaluate your potential site by using existing records/data and visiting the lot in order to help you develop a reasonable sitework budget. BROM also has an in-house, licensed realtor who can assist in finding the best possible lot that suits your goals. [ Return to Questions ]

Does BROM have any lots or subdivisions?
Yes. You can view the most up-to-date information on our current subdivision activity in the Available Lots area of our website. [ Return to Questions ]

If I already own a building lot, will BROM build a new home for me on it?
Yes. We will also help you develop a reasonable sitework budget after we evaluate your actual (and potential) sitework and home needs. [ Return to Questions ]